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The Rose Plantation

Dear Guests,

We are excited to inform you of an exceptional dish we will be offering as a dinner special on the 29th and 30th of September only. Make a reservation for it by the 25th and enjoy our Classic New York Style Maine Lobster Dinner. It is $60 for a 1.25 lb. dinner and $99 for a 2 lb. dinner for two.

As always, we will be sending emails out listing new specials throughout the month.

Best Wishes,

The Rose Plantation


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The Rose Plantation

Dear Guests,

We are open. Our first week has been busy. Welcome Back! We are still smoothing out some bumps, but, overall, our new safety procedures are operating smoothly. We have had many positive and appreciative comments. 

One item that requires improvement is wait time. Due to social distancing, we will grant entry when the table, the server and the kitchen are ready. For the 1st seating, we recommend arrival 10 minutes prior to your reservation time. For the 2nd seating, do not arrive earlier than your reservation time. Early arrivals may enjoy outside bar service at the gazebo.

We are still working out how best to manage reservations. Starting this week, we are requesting LUNCH RESERVATIONS ONLY FOR PARTIES OF 7 OR MORE. Tables will NOT be moved as long as social distancing is in effect. Lunch remains casual. We will continue with dinner reservations as usual. We have 3 venues, TRADITIONAL, OPEN AIR and OUTDOOR. We only reserve the venue, not the room or table.

TRADITIONAL DINING is inside, air conditioned. Evening dress code for men is slacks and a collared shirt. No cargo pants or similar. Gentlemen dressed inappropriately will be offered a choice of slacks or first available OPEN AIR or OUTSIDE seating.

OPEN-AIR DINING is on a porch with the windows open and air conditioning operating. It is PARTIALLY AIR CONDITIONED. Evening dress code for men is dressy golf shorts or slacks and a collared shirt. No cargo shorts/pants or similar.

OUTSIDE DINING is in the gazebo or platform tent with a fan. Outside dining may be wait-listed, but due to weather variability, no reservations will be taken. Service will be interrupted during wind and rain. Attire is always casual.

We have had many requests for our re-opening menu. The website manager should get it published on the website this week. In the interim, here it is! The print in this email version is very small. I recommend zooming to 150%!

The Rose Plantation

Dear Guests,

We are very excited to reopen The Rose Plantation. After completing several upgrades and consulting with our staff, we will e-open August 11. Reservations will be accepted starting July 28 at 10 am during normal business hours.

Since March, our focus has been on upgrades and COVID 19 safety. We have expanded the kitchen, made dining and kitchen upgrades and installed a gazebo in the rose garden. Foremost, is the safety of our guests and staff. We will now offer seating for traditional indoor dining; relaxed dress, open air, partially conditioned dining; and limited casual outdoor dining.

Enhanced safety protocols at this time include:

- Masks Required for Entry

- Anti-viral air purification systems

- Text messaging when table is ready

- Symptom free and temperature checks before entry

- Handwash before entry

- One party at a time in lobby for seating

- Separate entrance / exit

- Paper sacks at table for masks

- Rigorous handwashing and glove protocols for staff

- Continuous bathroom and surface sanitization

- Alcohol wipes

RESERVATIONS REQUESTED for LUNCH and DINNER inside and open-air dining. Call ahead to be wait-listed for outside dining.

We look forward to serving you SAFELY on August 11!

Thank you,
The Rose Plantation Team